Success Coaching

Success Coaching is available for

  • Parents        
  • Pre-college Student& Parents        
  • Actors      
  • Theatre Companies     

Parent Coaching

Over the past 17 years I have learned a lot about what to do and what not to do when it comes to raising an actor, choosing training, agents, applying to colleges, etc. as well as working with directors, producers, stage managers and other industry professionals. A bad theater mom can ruin a kid’s career. Believe me I have seen it. Allow me to be your personal guide through the maze that is the entertainment industry.

Pre-college Prep for Students & Parents

The college process is not only incredibly complicated and confusing but with more and more young actors choosing Musical Theatre and Drama as their majors, it has become highly competitive with close to 4000 applicants vying for the 8-20 spots at the top colleges. Most guidance counselors do not have the experience to properly guide parents and students through this maze. The rules and timelines that apply to most majors are vastly different from those associated with the entertainment field. Allow me to be your guide through this complicated college process. I can not only help to lower the stress level of you and your child but increase their odds for program acceptance by helping you help them get properly prepared.

Many do not realize that preparing for college auditions can and should start well before your child’s senior year. That is where I come in. I specialize in working with children in 7th grade through Junior year, offering guidance as to how to best prepare for the college audition process. I work hand in hand with other professionals, experts in their field, who can then take those same students through the final process of their senior year auditions. However, there are special circumstances where I will work with parents of students whose children are seniors or entering their senior year.

Success Coaching for Actors

You are your business so in order to achieve success you need a coach that is not only trained  and has experience with individual coaching but also business coaching as well.  I am that coach. I can be your biggest cheerleader and also hold you accountable to help positively motivate you along this challenging career path you have chosen.

Theatre Marketing/Development Coaching

Over the past 17 years I have worked with multiple theatre companies. I have helped these companies create marketing and development plans that have significantly increased their ticket sales, number of students and donations. I’ve helped them, now let me help you. I can come in and evaluate your marketing and development programs and coach your staff in how to successfully make changes to those programs to increase your revenue.

 Success Coaching is Affordable!

I know that raising an actor/being an actor or a non-profit theatre company is in itself, at times financially challenging, so I have purposefully kept my rates reasonable so that my knowledge can be accessible to all.

Your first 1/2 hour “Get to know you” session is free. During this session we will establish what your are looking for help with and how I may best serve you and your child.

For Parents:

Lets Get Started Package: Gives you an initial 1/2 hour coaching session, review of your students abilities through videos submitted to me, by you, and then a second hour to discuss areas where I feel you and your child need to focus your energy moving forward to give them the best chances of reaching their goals. Total package price $100.

After that,  one on one coaching is available for only $30 per 1/2 hour. Most clients will have progress check-in sessions once or twice a year, depending where they are in the process. Additionally these sessions can be used for any other needs the parent has such as seeking advice on headshots, professional auditions, seeking or dealing with agents, etc. Each parent’s need is different and that is why I have tried to make my coaching as flexible a possible to meet your needs.

For Actors:

One on one business coaching is available at $30 per half hour.

For Theatre Companies:

After our initial free consultation, I can create a written quote for you based upon your needs.

To schedule your first coaching session, call 724-433-0444 or email